Here’s a brief overview of the unique model utilized by just one of our many publishing partners to generate a screened and targeted lead.  


Consumers are offered the chance to win cash prizes for participating in a phone survey.


Consumers describe their wants and needs in response to survey questions.


Consumers are presented with offers that are specifically targeted to those wants and needs.


Consumers accept an average of three targeted offers per survey.


Here’s a more detailed look at how leads are created by this publisher.


Consumer enters the publisher’s sweepstakes at a publisher or affiliate site. To participate, the consumer must agree to take a recorded survey.


Within 24 hours, the consumer receives a live call with an invitation to take the entry survey.


The survey asks a series of demographic questions to determine eligibility for our client’s offers.


Consumers receive offers based on their responses to survey questions.


Consumers accept an offer.



We ensure that our publishers comply with all the rules and regulations that apply to their lead generation methods.
This publisher structured its program to comply with state and federal regulations that govern each step of the process.

Data Collection

Our publishers rely on overt data collection. Consumers knowingly enter the sweepstakes, and expressly agree to be contacted by the promoter in order to take an entry survey.

  • Consumers are presented with detailed information about how the sweepstakes works.
  • Before taking the survey, consumers are reminded that they may receive offers based on their answers.
  • After consumers confirm their interest in an offer, they expressly agree to be contacted by the advertiser.

Sweepstakes promotions are designed to comply with applicable telemarketing rules, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • Consent is Key: The lead lifecycle incorporates five separate points of consent to be contacted by the promoter in order to answer questions and hear relevant offers.
  • Additional Regulations:  The promoter employs an elaborate methodology to ensure compliance with all other applicable regulations, including opt-out requirements, DNC registration, and state time and date rules.

The sweepstakes complies with all state and federal sweepstakes regulations, such as:

  • No Purchase Required:  Consumers do not have to accept any offers or purchase any products to participate.
  • Registration and Bonding: The sweepstakes is bonded, insured, and registered in those states that require it.
  • Professional Administration: The sweepstakes is administered by an outside sweepstakes administration company to further ensure compliance.


Here’s why Novca Networks’ Pay-Per-Call platform is the best in the industry.

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  • CONSENT:  Consumers are fully engaged and have consented to hear targeted offers.



N thumbnailCONVERSION: Significantly enhanced response and conversion.



N thumbnailCOMPLIANCECompliance issues are addressed at each step in the process.